Do I have covered parking?


Each unit is assigned one covered parking space that has a number, and another non-covered parking space is available for owners, too.  Reminder:  parking permits must be placed on driver's side lower left corner of vehicle windshield, or your car is subject to being towed from the community.  Make sure that guests park in designated areas, which are clearly marked with signs, or they are also subject to being towed without notice.   All vehicles must be in compliance with the Rules & Regulations of Powder Wood at Landmark.  Storing vehicles (even underneath an assigned carport) is permitted.  All state license tags must be current, and all vehicles must be in operable, running condition.  Vehicles with flat tires will be tagged and towed if not moved or repaired.  No repairs to vehicles can be done on the property.  For additional information please contact the Management Office at 435-649-3722.