2016 Annual Meeting

This meeting could possibly be the most important meeting ever held for Powderwood Homeowners Association. In order to accommodate a larger crowd the meeting has been moved to Kimball Junction Library Auditorium. The room can accommodate 100 people. We will also have the meeting available via Skype, the address to call in is joehpmsystemsnet. We will be reviewing the 2015 financial report, discussing the 2016 budget and electing new management committee members.

As discussed in our letter dated August 7, 2015 many of the building components have begun to reach the end of their lifecycle. This is a totally normal experience that faces condo owners just like it must be dealt with by individuals who own other forms of housing that are more than 30 years old. There are many great opportunities to enhance the project by updating the look and image of Powderwood with items such as upgraded lights, new deck looks, and fresh color schemes. The consensus of the Management Committee is that, if done correctly, the renovation projects will result in an increased value to each unit that will far exceed the expenses associated with the regeneration. The Management Committee is gathering information on how enhancements to other properties in Park City have increased their values. In order to address these projects at Powderwood we will have an engineer at the meeting who will explain the steps necessary to begin a project of this scope. At the meeting the engineer will not have done his forensic analysis of the buildings, but will present a plan on how to beautify and invigorate the project. The purpose of having the engineer there is to give the owners an opportunity to hear what he believes needs to be completed and for the engineer to hear the concerns of the owners. Once all owners understand the process and the engineer understands the concerns of the owners we will select an engineer to complete the process and come up with potential costs and solutions. At this meeting we will not know the scope of the structural components that need attention or the potential costs however projects of this size usually include a substantial assessment to the owners. Once we have selected an engineer and his forensic analysis is completed there will be another home owners meeting held to discuss the costs and timelines, as well as potential assessments associated with the total project.

March 31, 2016 at 6:00pm - 8pm
Kimball Junction Library Auditorium
1885 W Ute Blvd
Park City, UT 84098
United States
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Joe Holland · · (801) 262-3900
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