Advice from a successful developer in Anchorage about the CPR (Complete Property Repair) bid.

David. The proposal is absurd. You either have moisture problems or you don't. Hiring someone to rip things up to check is a waste of time and money. Bid out to 3 top contractors to review the conditions and propose the solution. Then bring the bids and repair proposals to the board for review and action. You probably have several improperly flashed locations of roof or sidewall. Usually this will occur in specific (say North or South ) exposures where the ice builds up or melts/freezes regularly. This consulting, demolishing and guessing approach is common to engineers and other business consultants. In the real construction world you can identify and repair at 1/3 the price. Good Luck

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  • Joe Holland
    commented 2016-04-28 10:08:51 -0600
    I am sure the Engineering Committee would review any proposal from any contractor you can find as long as they are licensed and insured to do work in Utah.

    Homeowners that live in or own condominiums in Utah are not sympathetic to errors, omissions or do overs. Engineers help reduce the potential for errors. Typically engineering costs are about 10% of the total project. Based on potential faulty workmanship and potential repair costs, 10% is a good investment.

  • David Krancer
    published this page in Suggestions 2016-04-27 15:22:40 -0600